PinAuthority – the Pinterest analytics application is now live

After weeks of wait and being in private beta mode, we have launched PinAuthority earlier today. We take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped in beta testing the application and expedite the launch process. In case you are one of them then read on as I have a pleasant surprise for you. It gives me immense pleasure to announce that we are already tracking thousands of Pinterest users and have hundreds of registered users within hours of launch.

In this post, I will give an overview about our product. As the title suggest, PinAuthority is an online application with which one can track their Pinterest statistics viz. number of followers,following,pins,boards,likes and repins. We currently track statistics of top 1000 users on a daily basis. Apart from that we also track statistics of featured users daily. With our tool, one can view historical data of their Pinterest statistics as well as those of others to get an insight about the success of their marketing campaigns. The intuitive graph displays how your Pinterest followers or pins counts are going up or down daily.

Pinterest statistics

PinAuthority graph of Pinterest statistics

While Pinterest itself provides a follow button, but it is a static image. We provide a PinAuthority button which also displays the Pinterest avatar and number of followers on Pinterest. The button can be embedded in one’s website or blog using a single line of javascript code. This widget is ideal for showing off Pinterest followers count on blogs and thereby getting more Pinterest followers. The image below displays the two type of PinAuthority buttons that we are currently shelling out. While the first button has avatar which gives more personalized touch to the button, the second one gives more stress on the number of followers and is more inclined towards branding Pinterest.

PinAuthority Buttons

PinAuthority Buttons

Similar to Klout, we have our own socring system which calculates the Pinterest influence score of users. This score  can be used as a standard for comparing the Pinterest influence of different users. We have bigger plans with this PinAuthority score and are working on the same.

However our main focus is on providing the user with a dashboard to track down every aspect of their Pinterest profile. Going forward we will provide functionality to compare multiple Pinterest profiles. Right now statistics are updated on daily basis but soon we will be tracking statistics every hour thereby giving near instant feedback about one’s Pinterest campaigns. ¬†The image below displays how the Pinterest statistics are displayed. You can also see the PinAuthority button and PinAuthority score for the user.

PinAuthority button

PinAuthority statistics, button and score

Users can easily claim a Pinterest profile on PinAuthority by adding the Pinterest user from homepage using the form as displayed in the image below or by first registering and then adding from the dashboard. Facebook and Twitter login is integrated along with normal email registration for ease of authentication.

Adding Pinterest account on Pinauthority

Adding Pinterest account

There’ are two separate pages for listing the top followed users on Pinterest and newly indexed users. These are good tools to get introduced to new and influential profiles on Pinterest as well as Potential targets for one’s next campaign. We also allow users to get featured on our homepage and sidebar which gives them more exposure and thereby more followers for a small monthly fee. We are giving premium membership to all those who had signed up for our launch. So hurry up and register with PinAuthority asap.


Sneak Peak into PinAuthority

Here is a screenshot of our upcoming Pinterest analytics tool – PinAuthority


The Pinterest analytics tool